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Mediterranean inspired home cooking, made from local produce, found in seaside town Kirkcudbright, Southern West Scotland

Tripadvisor Review

"Treat yourself to a Feast in Kirkcudbright!

What a delightful place, informal - with a continental feel to it - a relaxing atmosphere and with sensible space between tables. Friendly young staff who appear to be enjoying themselves. And then the food - what a change from the usual fare you find in even other-wise pleasant cafes. "

Tripadvisor Review

"Comfy and cosy with an exotic twist?

My favourite place in town! Unique menu and the loveliest staff.
The food is super tasty and hearty, the cakes are out of this world and the special hot chocolate is, well, special."

Google Review

"Lovely place if you want something a bit different, food was excellent and service 1st class,Lovely people. I will visit again soon and would definitely recommend."

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